Ridge beam in place…..new roof to follow!

Ridge beam in place…..new roof to follow!

With the ridge beam in place, it won’t be long now until the new roof will be on at 55 Grove Road!

The new offices are looking great, and the extra height ceilings will have a huge feelgood factor for anyone working here.

21 designer workspaces, all with an individual feel, perfect for a modern, forward thinking business.

Once the new roof is on, the builders will be busy preparing the new floors, installing the windows, whilst the electricians and plumbers wire and pipe everything up!

The offices will be a unique addition to the Harrogate office market, with the many features and attention to detail. The units have been especially designed for SMEs due to their size, but also the fact that each unit can be adapted so that a business can grow in the building and take on more space if needed.



Keep watching for more updates.

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